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Insurance and Reinsurance

We provide both local and international legal advice and assistance in all areas of insurance and reinsurance law. Our clients receive comprehensive legal assistance which, among other matters, includes:

  • Legal advice in the matter of insurance and reinsurance coverages.
  • Assistance in drafting insurance wordings and reinsurance contracts.
  • Analysis of claims, coverages and indemnifiable damages. Intervention in mediations, court and arbitration proceedings in conflicts related to all types of insurance and reinsurance coverages, liability, damages, ART (Spanish acronym for Labor Risks Administrators) and third party claims.
  • Assistance and representation before the controlling agency and other consumer protection agencies.
  • Collaboration in claims survey and adjustment, assisting the loss adjusters appointed by the client.
  • Audits and advice in Run Off and Cut Off cases.
  • Representation and advice to foreign reinsurance companies for registration with the Argentine Regulatory Authority to operate as reinsurers in the country.


We have an adequate infrastructure, and a staff of qualified professionals to provide assistance in court proceedings; they act on behalf of national and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies.

At present, we are actively intervening on behalf of our clients in approximately 4,000 proceedings in the City of Buenos Aires, Great Buenos Aires and the main provinces of the interior.

In this area, our services include the following:
  • Representation of insurance entities and their insureds in all kinds of lawsuits, including third-party claims related to the various liability coverages.
  • Representation of insurance entities in claims for damages under liability coverages for road corridors, railways, energy companies, automobile, D&O, malpractice, life and personal accident.
  • Representation of labor risks insurance companies (ART) in court proceedings related to the Labor Risks Act.
  • Recovery for the ARTs for accidents occurred during employee commuting.
  • Representation of insurance companies in recovery against third parties by subrogation in rights.
  • Representation of insurance companies in legal proceedings related to maritime, air and road transport coverages.
  • Representation of insurance companies in legal proceedings related to maritime, air and road transport coverages.
  • Collections.
  • Actions and defenses filed with controlling entities.

Maritime, Aeronautical and Transport Law

The prestige of our Law Firm is highly recognized, both at the local and international level, in the area of Maritime, Aeronautical and Transport Law, in which we provide comprehensive advice services for the insurance market.

Our labor includes comprehensive legal advice and assistance in matters related to:

  • Assistance and salvage.
  • General average.
  • Collisions.
  • Hull, machinery, and pleasure watercraft insurance.
  • Recovery against third parties in the cargo line (maritime, air and road transport).
  • Maritime and aeronautical accidents.
  • Litigation.

Mediation and Arbitration


We have a strong team formed by lawyers and paralegal assistants, exclusively dedicated to assist in the previous mediation proceedings, which are mandatory in the City of Buenos Aires and in the Great Buenos Aires jurisdictions, where this alternative dispute solution method is applied.

In the interior of the country, we act through our network of correspondents.

Also in this area, we achieve fast and effective results in a high percentage of transactions.


The partners, as well as the staff of lawyers and assistants, have great experience in arbitration proceedings conducted before the Court of General Arbitration of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris and the International Center for Dispute Resolution of the American Arbitration Association, among others.

Early Investigation of Claims

Capitalizing on the experience in providing comprehensive counseling with relation to liability claims, we have created an area which is dedicated to the investigation and early negotiation of this type of cases, with very effective results, either through quick negotiation and settlement, or proving the absence of liability on the part of the insured, or the existence of reasons for exclusion from coverage.

Our long standing specializing in insurance, as well as our assistance in court and out of court liability claims, gives us a sound background that allows us to objectively and properly analyze each case, in the light of the most recent case law, thus giving our clients the most effective response.